Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Site Visit At Rompin

Tendering Purpose-Site Visit
Today I'm going to Rompin for Site Visit. Purposely in the term of doing my costing and bidding is to determined all of the possibilities in such project. Luckily I have such an experience myself and also comrades with much more experience than I do.This project might be fun because it is alongside the beach of Kg. Sembayan, Daerah Rompin. I'll get sunburn. I don't care. Hehehehe :P.

I'll tell about this project later while progressing.

She is my Fiancee

@)};-My beloved fiancée-;{(@

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taman Bandar Chukai


One of my favourite spot to have a delightful moment with her is at Taman Bandar Chukai (a.ka. tepi sungai, Nasi Lemak Simple, River Bend)  stretched alongside Sungai Chukai.  5 minutes from my house. Relaxing atmosphere with the hustle and bustle of a town centre should be.

Day shifted and night came along with nocturnal activities as the crowd came here with their own agenda. Some like to fish. Some like to loosen up and just walking with their beloved someone enjoying the view. Personally, I enjoy seeing groups of family here and there having their good quality time together on the grass lawn at the side of the river bank. I saw a family man with a cup of coffee in his hand and a big stretched to the ears of smile on his face while the lady of the family attending to their children playing gleefully

For those who are not from Kemaman and still wondering about the river named Sungai Chukai I was talking about, it is a three way intersected river. The next time I will include the picture of the river view. Oh...btw...I' almost forgot, that gorgeous looking lady in the picture is my fiancée and she also like this place as I do. :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The view of temporary kitchen.
Beutiful dress but expensive.
The camp of Peniaga-peniaga.
Road to glory.
Arches of excellence.
Jawa gerai.
Makang ikang dengang nasik dagang.
Sedap tapi murah? marah ada la...
Nasi kerabu.
Strutur yg menampung 500 orang.

Tok Jogho Dikir Barat.
Dsnly Land....Wakakakaka
ramainye orang.
Jangan lupa baca Bismillah bang...


PVC Framed Dome.
Black Dome?
Translucent Dome?
Green Dome System?
Wedding Dome?
Paper Framed Dome?
Box Dome?
Looks strong eh?
Triangle Dome?
Dunno Dome?


Me, Nazir & Hafeez cutting and hammering bamboos.

Ridwan, Nazir and friends bambooing.

Nazri style of slicing bamboos.

What to do next?

1 person go inside and check....

Getting dark...but it almost complete

The skeletal is complete

Now, the prefabricated structure is on the finishing process.

Assignment B-The DOME

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Hita'ala Wabarakatuh

So now I am here already to proceed with the assignment B.Now I'm gonna blog all the things that me and my team called as the Abstract Academician have done for the DOME Project.

The Requirement is

But before I continue...I would like to introduces my team as below

We are Group NO 15

Our Motto is Plan for the quest, prepare for the worst and hope for the best
and our Group name is Abstract Academician

and here is the group members....they claim they are still solo...girls, what are you waiting for?...hahaha

Abdul Muin Yusoff - 95396 - QS
Mohd Nazri Bin Awang - 99755 - BT
Mohamed Norhafeez Bin Mohd Yusoff - 99748 - AR
Mohammad Nazir Bin Hanapi - 99750 - U&RP

Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Kassim - 99761 - CM


Below is the requirement on order to construct the DOME

Ø A Geodesic Dome
Ø Teams of five people / team
Ø On HBP Premise
Ø Experiential, Holistic, Simulative Learning
Ø Design, Build, Assemble

The dome that each team is to produce MUST BE A GEODESIC DOME. It is really3 recommended that we first build a MODEL to help us make ourdecisions on size, materials, construction etc.

Ø Each team must submit a report illustrating all the above rules including the lifespan of the proposed dome and what the materials can be recycled into.
Ø Report (210mmX210mm) must be bound with a front and back covers.
Ø The front cover must carry the team name, the members and majors, motto, and a sketch of the proposed dome.
Ø Submission: 10:00am, 10 September, E48A.

and we must follow RULES

The Rules is

Ø Zero Cost
Ø Packaged
Ø Prefabricated
Ø Accommodate five (5)
Ø Carryable by three (3) peopleAssembled in 30 minutes
Ø Only by team members
Ø Show team identity
Ø Assembly: 10 Sept 2008
Ø 11:30 am – 12:00noon
Ø Lifecysle: 12 month
Ø Recycleable

SITES: As indicated in the proposal below (subjected to amendments).

Our site is situated at location no 15.

Criteria 1-zero cost
Ø Our dome material is a recyclable materials collected from around the area of USM and nearby.
Ø The material is such as
o Bamboo (main material)
o Rope (raffia)
Ø There are no cost charge for the materials.

Criteria 2-Packaged
Ø Our dome is foldable type
Ø When it is constructed, it can stand full stretch like 1metre in diameter and 1 metre in heights.
Ø However the dome at fold mode only likes a triangle of 0.77m x 1.00m x 1.00m.
Ø The packaging for the dome is using paper boxes accordingly to the size of the dome.

Criteria 3- Prefabricated

Ø The dome is prefabricated earlier into a few main pieces.
Ø The shape of the main pieces is like a triangle in the size of 0.77m x 1.00m x 1.00m
Ø It consist of 8 pieces

Criteria 4-Accommodate five (5)
Ø As stated before the dimension for our dome is 2.00metre in diameter and 1.00metre in heights.
Ø 5 of a team is a 1.70m heights, 2 is a 1.60m heights and 2 is a 1.50m heights.
Ø According to the heights and the body type of our team member, we believe our dome can accommodate all of our members with no problem.

Criteria 5-Carryable by three (3) people
Ø The dome in fold mode all together with the packaging is weight around 9kg
Ø 3 of our team member should have no problems in carrying the packaged dome from HBP to the allocated sites.

Criteria 6-Assembled in 30 minutes
Ø After the pre-fabricated process is done, we have set the assembly time to be met by 30 minutes.Alongside with practice and planning, the dome can be assembled in 30 minutes by 5 of our team members.

Criteria 7-Only by team members
Ø The dome only needs to be assembled by 5 of our team members only.
Ø There are no need for extra than 5 people.

Criteria 8-Show team identity
Ø Our dome is based on our motto, which is “Plan for the quest, prepare for the worst and hope for the best”.We have planned our material and the stage of the dome construction

Ø After meeting several problems such as toppled dome, we have added the dome with an extra anchorage.Lastly we hope the dome is at its best situation.

Criteria 9-Assembly: 10 Sept 2008

Criteria 10-11:30 am – 12:00noon

Criteria 11-Lifecysle: 12 month
Ø The lifecycle of the bamboo dome is estimated at 12 month period.
Ø The bamboo is the type of thick bamboo which contains moisture inside the texture.
Ø It is the moisture inside enabled the bamboo dome to withstand a 12 month lifecycle period.

Criteria 12-Recycleable
Ø The material of the dome is of course recyclable.
Ø The bamboo can be recycled into 1001 types of basics things.
Ø For example, we can list several of it:
1. toothpicks
2. chopsticks
3. arrow
4. traditional water pipe
5. handicraft
6. basket
7. mat
8. chair
9. stool
10. table
11. desk
12. walking stick
13. hanger
14. fences
15. gate
16. picture frame
17. flute
18. paper
19. fishing pole
20. boat
21. fly rods
22. buckets
23. bean poles
24. blow guns
25. charcoal
26. pens
27. birdhouses
28. bird feeders
29. bows
30. fountains
31. swings
32. carts
33. kites
34. windmills
35. toys
36. all kinds of containers
37. back scratchers
38. cannons
39. carrying poles
40. candle holders
41. tobacco pipes
42. dirigible
43. fans
44. firewood
45. flag pole
46. fishing floats
47. lanterns
48. writing brushes
49. wheelbarrows
50. scoops
51. rulers
52. sandals
53. scoops
54. torches
55. waterwheels
56. towel racks
57. flooring
58. and more

Ø There are lots of things that a bamboo can be recycled into.
Ø The bamboo basic uses is about 1001 which is documented.