Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taman Bandar Chukai


One of my favourite spot to have a delightful moment with her is at Taman Bandar Chukai (a.ka. tepi sungai, Nasi Lemak Simple, River Bend)  stretched alongside Sungai Chukai.  5 minutes from my house. Relaxing atmosphere with the hustle and bustle of a town centre should be.

Day shifted and night came along with nocturnal activities as the crowd came here with their own agenda. Some like to fish. Some like to loosen up and just walking with their beloved someone enjoying the view. Personally, I enjoy seeing groups of family here and there having their good quality time together on the grass lawn at the side of the river bank. I saw a family man with a cup of coffee in his hand and a big stretched to the ears of smile on his face while the lady of the family attending to their children playing gleefully

For those who are not from Kemaman and still wondering about the river named Sungai Chukai I was talking about, it is a three way intersected river. The next time I will include the picture of the river view. Oh...btw...I' almost forgot, that gorgeous looking lady in the picture is my fiancée and she also like this place as I do. :D


  1. hehehe Peng..xdop pokok rambai kt situ...pokok rambu-ramba ada le....